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Reinsurance brokerage business


1、Non Marine:


      Subway, Highway

      Wet Project, High Bridge/Tunnel Percentage

      Electric Power Plant

      Coal Chemical Engineering Project

      Nuclear Station

      Overseas Project

      TPL following CEAR (generally high limit of indemnity)


      High Valued Motors(mainly Upscale Cars)

      Special Vehicle(e.g. Concrete Pump Truck, Crane)


      Commercial Building

      5-Star Hotel

      Oil Reserve Base



      Commercial Building, Hotel, Shopping Mall

      Electronic Manufacture, Automobile Manufacture

      Paper Plant, Iron Works, Pharmaceutical Manufacture

      Public Facilities(e.g. Bridge, Subway, Oil Reserve Base)

      Electric Power Plant (Hydro, Coal-Fired, CCPP)

      Coal Chemical, Petrochemical Enterprise

      Stem Cell

      Public Liability following PAR (Mainly for Hotels & Commercial Buildings)

●   CASH

      Security Company





      Bulk Cargo, including ore, grain, coal

      Crude Oil

      Project Cargo

      Major Pieces of Equipment

      Special Cargo e.g. nuclear material, satellite, livestock & poultry


      General Civil Ship: Bulk Carrier, Container, Multipurpose Vessel, (Very Large) Ore Carrier, VLCC & ULCC

      Chemical Tanker: LPG, LNG, LEG and so on

      Military Ship

      Ocean Engineering Ship & Ocean Platform like Pipe-laying Ship, Windmill Installation Vessel

●   HULL

      Coastal & Inland Water Hull

      Ocean Vessel (Including War Risks & Increased Value Insurance)



3、Accident & Liability:


      Individual/Group (e.g. Stars, Executives, Overseas Staff)

      Special Vocations(e.g. Actors, Athletes, Construction/Coal Workers)

      Credit Cardholder (High Sum Insured; Elites)


      Public Liability (Worldwide Jurisdiction/ Extended High Sum Insured Terrorism)

      Employer’s Liability (Including Special Working Types, e.g. Underground Work, Aloft Work, Blast Work, Overseas Staff)

      Product Liability(e.g. Pharmaceutical, Medical Equipment, Food, Battery, Finished Automobile, Automotive Parts, Industrial machinery, etc.)

      Professional Liability(Single Project, Accounting Firm)

      Environmental Pollution Liability (Gradual/Sudden)

      Road Passenger Carrier’s Liability

      Clinical trials



      Extended Warranty (Household Appliances, Motors)


      High-end Medical Care


      Hole in One

      Prize Compensation

      Event Cancellation (due to Weather, Absence of Important Person)


4、Treaty & Financial Business:

●   Treaty / Open Cover/ Facility

      QS & Surplus

      Non-Marine QS & Surplus Treaty

      Marine QS & Surplus Treaty

      Agricultural QS & Surplus Treaty

      High-valued Vehicle Open Cover

      Crude Oil Marine Cargo Open Cover

      Debtor's Accident Open Cover

      Vessel Oil Pollution Liability Open Cover

      Loan Performance Guarantee QS Treaty

      Excess of Loss

      Non- Marine XOL Treaty

      Marine XOL Treaty

      Agricultural XOL Treaty

      Motor XOL Treaty

      Vessel Oil Pollution Liability XOL Treaty

●   Credit and Guarantee Insurance

      Domestic Short-term Trade Credit Insurance

      Import and Export Trade Credit Insurance

      Mobile Phone Credit Insurance

      Debtor Guarantee Insurance

      Loan Performance Guarantee Insurance

      Financial Leasing Insurance