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On Nov 2nd, 2004, China Zenith Insurance Brokers Ltd. was founded in Beijing.

In Dec 2007, China Zenith fulfilled the first 3-year goal, and moved to the new office with a cocktail party.

In May 2009, the seminar of OPPORTUINITY & STRATEGY—INSURANCE & REINSURANCE OF ENGINEERING PROJECTS was held in the Three Gorges, Hubei. More than 40 cooperation partners joined this seminar.

In Nov 2009, the 5-year anniversary banquet was held in Beijing. About 100 experts from Chinese Insurance industry and international reinsurance market attended this celebration.

In Jan 2010, the CEO of AIG China with important underwriters visited China Zenith

In Jan 2010, the CEO of RSA China visited China Zenith.

In Jul 2010, the CEO of Catlin Asia with important underwriters visited China Zenith.

In Apr 2011, the seminar of CHANGING RISK & CHANGING INSURANCEwas held in Sanya, Hainan. More than 50 representatives from insurance or reinsurance companies attended this seminar.

In Mar 2012, London Lloyd’s Broker paid China Zenith a courtesy visit, and expressed their willingness to learn more about Chinese insurance market through the cooperation with China Zenith.

In May 2012, China Zenith held the seminar of MARINETIME INSURANCE & REINSRUANCE in Qiandao Lake, Zhejiang. More than 50 cooperation partners from insurance/reinsurance companies, law firms exchanged their opinions of yacht insurance, vessel oil pollution insurance arrangement and claim handling, etc.

In Jun 2012, the Accident & Liability Department was established, marking the further expansion of China Zenith reinsurance service.

In Sept 2012, the general manager was invited to attend the International Claim Handling Seminar in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and visited the Singapore insurance/reinsurance market, in order to develop the international cooperation channels.

In Nov 2012, the General Manager of Allianz China, together with the underwriting director visited China Zenith.

In Nov 2012, China Zenith attended the Coal Insurance Seminar held by China Coal Insurance Company. The main topics covers coal mining risks and insurance management, the reform of Chinese coal industry, and work safety investigation, etc.

In Jan 2013, China Zenith held a Chinese New Year Gala in Beijing. Around 100 guests from Chinese insurance companies (YDTH, China Coal, BOCI, Cinda, etc.) and reinsurers at home and abroad attended this celebration.

In Mar 2013, the Director of Lloyd’s China with directors of main syndicates on Chinese platform visited China Zenith. Two sides exchanged in-depth views on Chinese emerging risks.

In May 2013, Shanghai Branch was approved by CIRC to establish, marking a new stage of China Zenith business development.

In Aug 2013, the seminar of NEW HORIZON, NEW CHANLLENGE, NEW DEVELOPMENT was held in Shanghai. More than 60 professionals from various insurance/reinsurance companies exchanged their ideas on D&O insurance, High-end Medical insurance.

In Nov 2013, the Managing Director of China Zenith, together with managers of various business lines, attended the 12th SIRC, and investigated Singapore reinsurance market.

In Jan 2014, the Treaty & Financial Business Dept. was formally founded, indicating China Zenith’s determination to expand treaty market, on the basis of traditional fac. Business.

In Feb 2014, the director of KILN underwriting division of Lloyd’s China visited China Zenith.

In Feb 2014, the CEO of Chaucer with Non-Marine underwriter visited China Zenith.

In Mar 2014, the General Manager of Samsung Insurance China, together with the Head of Reinsurance Dept. visited China Zenith.

In Jun 2014, the Managing Director of China Zenith attended the International Loss Adjustment Summit in Shenzhen.

In Jun 2014, the seminar of INSURANCE & REINSRUANCE ARRANGEMENT OF CHINESE INTEREST ABROAD was held in Zhangjiajie, Hunan. Insurers and reinsurers taking this opportunity exchanged their views on the exploration and development of CIA business.

On Oct 29th, 2014, China Zenith held a grand celebration of 10-year anniversary in Beijing. More than 300 representatives from mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, and other overseas markets attended this event.

In Nov 2014, the seminar of casualty reinsurance business was held in Shanghai, with various topics including Hole in One, Product Liability, Professional Indemnity, etc.

In Nov 2014, representatives from different business lines attended EAIC, in order to strengthen the relationship with overseas reinsurance markets.

In Jan 2015, representatives from London & Partners and UK Embassy in China paid a courtesy visit to China Zenith. Two sides mainly exchanged opinions on Chinese Investment experience in UK, the cooperation between Chinese and UK insurance markets.

In Mar 2015, the director of China Zenith attended the opening ceremony of Lloyd’s China Beijing Branch.

On Jun 11th, 2015, the seminar of ECONOMY NEW NORMAL, INSURANCE NEW STRIDE was held in Nanchang, Jiangxi. About 50 attendees from domestic and international insurance/reinsurance companies joined this event.

In Jun 2015, China Zenith joined In the Shanghai Institute of Marine Insurance, to enhance the specialized service level of marine line.

In Jul 2015, the president of Ironshore Asia Pacific, the underwriting director of Ironshore Asia Pacific visited China Zenith.

In Jul 2015, the CEO and CUO of Samsung Re visited China Zenith.

In Sep 2015, the managers of various business lines visited London insurance market, laying the foundation for further expansion of overseas cooperation partners.

In Nov 2015, the representatives of China Zenith attended 13th SIRC, and visited Singapore insurance/reinsurance market.

In Nov 2015, the Senior Manager of Lloyd’s International Market Development visited China Zenith.

In Mar 2016, the Chairman of Lloyd’s, together with the Managing Director of Lloyd’s China visited China Zenith. The meeting is aimed at deepening the mutual trust and diversifying the future cooperation, based on the good business result in the past years.